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Show dailies offer schedule changes, program updates and highlights of important conference sessions. But they can also do so much more.

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Show Dailies Highlight What’s Most Important

A CustomNEWS show daily is tailored to your association’s objectives.  It reflects the image of your organization and emphasizes key messages through carefully chosen story coverage and photography.

Associations often publish programs and promotion pieces, and trade magazines provide detailed pre-convention issues. But these have limited effectiveness once the convention begins to come alive. A CustomNEWS show daily allows you to keep that information fresh, up to date and relevant to each day. Add onsite reporting and photography of key events, and you have a truly useful product for you and your attendees that can’t be provided through any other channel.

A CustomNEWS show daily lives on long after the meeting, too. Your association owns all of the content. You can post it to your website, email it to members, use it for next year’s promotional brochures, or share it in other ways. Best of all, a CustomNEWS show daily will cover its own costs and make money. Our experienced advertising staff maximizes show daily advertising sales without adversely affecting your other publications, partnerships or sponsorships. Meanwhile, exhibitors are able to highlight their products and services, driving traffic to their booths.

Show Dailies Engage Attendees and Virtual Visitors   

Whether the event is in person, virtual or hybrid, attendees still seek relevant, fresh and engaging experiences.

A CustomNEWS show daily keeps attendees up on what has happened, what’s going on right now, and what’s coming up. This includes the latest session cancellation and changes. The show daily becomes THE place to look. 

But show attendees won’t just seek information. Members have long appreciated the opportunity to recognized in print, before their peers, for various achievements (and to see themselves in photographs!) They might also share print copies with colleagues, who could be future meeting attendees, or pass along the links for online versions. These issues can be used throughout the year for reference materials.   

Show Dailies Strengthen the Association   

In rapidly changing and uncertain times, conferences still provide the opportunity to connect and inspire. A show daily adds to the substance of the event, and strengthens the organization further as a source of revenue.

Conferences have long been newsworthy and important events for association members. Sessions, workshops, keynotes and social opportunities create bond across industries and individual businesses. But conferences also strengthen the hosting organization, solidifying its leadership role.

With a CustomNEWS show daily, conferences also add to an association’s financial stability. Show dailies provide a strong source of non-dues revenue for the hosting organization, without the expenditure of significant staff time or budget. In addition, this year’s CustomNEWS show daily can help solidify next year’s event, giving members who didn’t attend a chance to see what they’ve been missing. 

Show Dailies Increase Vendor/Exhibitor Visibility   

Strategic ads help keep exhibitors happy, regardless of whether exhibits are in person or online.

Your event offers a prime opportunity for vendors to promote their products and services to ideal customers. Why not make those connections even easier with print and/or online ads? A CustomNEWS show daily is a vibrant advertising medium that allows vendors to present their key marketing messages to conference attendees. Those attendees, in turn, are able to find innovative and fresh solutions to their biggest challenges. 

Whether advertorials, guest blogs, banner ads or other formats, your association can share space with vendors wanting to make a strategic impact. Further, the CustomNEWS show daily can increase booth traffic by telling attendees about special events happening on the show floor. In short, everyone wins.

“CustomNEWS has created an excellent communications channel for us during our signature event…. They are worth it.”

Beth Marshall
Senior Manager
Director of Communications
National Hemophilia Foundation

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